Wednesday, August 31, 2011

You know what I'm glad I'm not?

        A fricking dolphin. I'm glad I'm not a dolphin. There is a crapload of practice that must go into what they do. If I were a dolphin, I would be the one you would never see. You only want to see the cool dolphins at sea world that are super in shape and talented. I would most likely be a fat lazy dolphin. Have you ever seen an obese dolphin? OFCOURSE YOU HAVEN'T. I would like to see one now that I think of it, but not at sea world.

Swimming with this dolphin is not really therapeutic, it's sorta just disturbing.

       The main animals where the rule of "the fatter, the better" applies is with more cuddly animals. Pandas, penguins, and cats, there are good amount more I assume. Fish, on the other hand, can't handle being fat. It's just not cute. Puffer-fish are the only exception. So if you are faced with the decision to be an animal, be a penguin in a zoo. Nobody cares how fit you are, the lazier you are the better. When I grow up I'm gonna be a penguin.

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  1. That's a way bigger dolphine then i see in the zoo.