Sunday, September 11, 2011

Oh hey, would you look at this?

Mute the video on the left, and watch the video on the left with the music on the right side video playing.

Keep a straight face. I dare you.


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Time for an update

No beating around the bush this time, I'm gonna tell you immediately what I enjoyed today. I enjoy having a working internet connection since two days ago. My routers been on the fritz and I've been trying my best to do anything to fix it. My solutions for fixing my internet connection was to google, how to fix a router. I quickly figured out the flaw in my plan only to come up with the same plan every thirty seconds.
          To update in the laziest way possible, I'll simply state what I enjoyed the past two days I missed now.
          Thursday, I enjoyed trying to live without the internet by entertaining myself in the best ways. For example, pushing both thumbs moderately hard over your closed eyes makes an awesome free light show. Did that for over an hour while listening to music. I completely lost myself. I recommend to anyone with an hour to kill in search of a "spiritual" experience. Press your thumbs to your eyes...or ya know, you could just take drugs instead. Either or.
         On Friday, I enjoyed not having to come up with a somewhat interesting blog post. Screw blogs and being judged on my thoughts. You don't know me blog reader! You're not my mom! There is a slim chance you are my mom! Okay, sorry mom, I'll get off the computer.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I Enjoyed Coming up with another variation for the same title of blogpost for the past couple days...

but now I'm gonna cut this out. Too monotonous to me. I thought it'd be fun to use the word today and enjoy in every title, but I can't keep coming up with variations. So the end of an era is upon us.

I wrote a poem today, I enjoyed doing it. I felt like Shel Silverstein.

The most beautiful girl is named Bethany Sue
I know this as fact, and soon you will too.
I need no opinion or other’s review.
Her smile, blonde hair and great eyes of blue,
I never felt love till she came into view.
I was flustered and blushed a bright shade of red hue.
We both have been friends ever since we were two.
I would fight for her love with my master kung fu.
I would travel cross mountains and caves and bamboo.
I would run I would sprint I would take a canoe
I would run I would sprint I would take a canoe
Woah, what was that, was that déjà vu?
I would clean myself up, repeat rinse and shampoo
I’d travel Australia, get her a kangaroo
I would cook her a dinner, a soup or a stew
Perhaps I’d get fancy, chicken cordon bleu.
When she walks down the street, heads will rotate askew.
If you make a mistake, forget it, we coo!
When you’re at the party, good times will ensue.
There is not but one girl who could ever outdo,
The amazing and wonderful Bethany Sue.
Wait just a minute, wait could it be true?
You changed your name from Bethany Sue?
Well what is it now, who am I talking to?
Bethany…Orange? Oh, okay uhm.
The most beautiful girl is named Bethany Orange…
Her personality was as glorious as a… groorarnngeeee- I think we should see other people Bethany.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Enjoyed topic of Today

Sometimes my mind is not always as sharp as I hope for it to be. Sometimes this actually works in my favor.

       There are plenty of times in which something has been hidden from me all my life and when I am finally able to see what it is, I can't comprehend how I couldn't have already comprehended it. I'm talking about having one's mind blown. Many bits of information can be mind blowing. people devote a lot of time into trying to screw with others' minds. Just look at magicians. Mind blowing is just one of the requirements necessary to become a magician. Magicians and philosophers are at heart, cerebral prostitutes (they blow your mind, heh heh heh)
"Are you looking for a good time?"

      But there are other ways of blowing minds, whether using subliminal messages, or just over analyzing things. Point is, my mind was blown recently.
      Have you ever heard the one about the chicken crossing the road? He crossed the road to get to the other side. This is a very simple joke and I never thought anything else of it; until now. The chicken crossed the road to get to the other side. You still not following? The other side as in Heaven. Yes, the chicken "attempted" to cross the road for the sole purpose of getting hit by a car and ultimately crossing from this life to the next. I know. I can't believe it either.

Today, I enjoyed having my mind blown.

Monday, September 5, 2011

How I Enjoyed Today

       Life cannot always be happy a wonderful all the time, but sometimes you have try to hold life upside down by it's ankles and vigorously  shake any little bit of joy you can get from it.
      Been having a rough day today, but turned it around by trying to cheer myself up. Some songs for instance just can put you in a good mood. I made my first attack at my bad mood with my most obvious of happy songs in my artillery.
Don't Worry Be Happy.
  I was still bummed out so I tried some of the wackier songs of Bob Dylan. 
Honey Just Allow Me One More Chance
The strongest weapon in my arsenal of music to help me fight off the blues, is none other than...
Mr. Blue Sky by ELO

With these few songs, you can't ever feel sad longer than the 30 seconds of each song.
   Today, I enjoyed happy music.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Enjoyed Thing of the Day

        If anyone ever says to you "hey, guess what!" It's more fun if you actually guess rather than just say "What?" I've found this to make life more interesting. If you say "guess what!" force the person to take a couple guesses. Nobody ever guesses and you'll never whether or not it's fun unless you try it out. Just a tip.
       On an unrelated note, I enjoyed something today. I was standing beside a group of older people around their mids 50s or 60s. I didn't think much of them at first until I began eavesdropping because I had nothing else of importance to do. They began talking about the slang terms they used when they were kids. I wound up looking up some of the ones I heard and remembered them saying, some I knew and others I didn't. Each time that one of them would bring a word or phrase up, the whole group would laugh and start talking about the good old days. Among the words I heard were:
Wango- cool, sweet.
Shaggin' Wagon- I pretty much guessed what this one meant when they all went "OHHOHOOOOOO" after shaggin' wagon was said.
Killer Diller- I always assumed this was from The Beatles' Polythene Pam. But I never thought people actually said killer diller.
Cheese Weasel- obnoxious, annoying
They all looked exactly like this man. Even the women.

I enjoyed their conversation so much. It made me want to bring back my own slang from the 90s but also from the 70s. I just want an excuse to say killer diller and I'll be set.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Today's Top Enjoyment

        I appreciate the concept of karma. If some one ever wrongs you but you're unable to get revenge for whatever reason, it's comforting knowing that *not to be too specific* that douche-bag Chandler Vostal will one day get justice for being the douche-bag he is.
The ever-wise and peaceful Buddha once said "In a controversy the instant we feel anger we have already ceased striving for the truth, and have begun striving for ourselves. Also Brian Vostal is a huge dickhead." 
          But karma is just overall a good idea. It's a nice thought but can be frightening if you over think it. For example we've all stepped on bugs before, how long will it have to take until karma gets us? So karma is a great thing if it's out to be a dick to be people who were dicks to us, and it's complete crap if it's out to get us cause we don't deserve it. Damn we are hypocrites. I can't believe you people really think all that! You are a disgrace. Karma, we cool? No?
I suppose this post can best be summarized as: Karma's a bitch, ain't that funny?