Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I Enjoyed Coming up with another variation for the same title of blogpost for the past couple days...

but now I'm gonna cut this out. Too monotonous to me. I thought it'd be fun to use the word today and enjoy in every title, but I can't keep coming up with variations. So the end of an era is upon us.

I wrote a poem today, I enjoyed doing it. I felt like Shel Silverstein.

The most beautiful girl is named Bethany Sue
I know this as fact, and soon you will too.
I need no opinion or other’s review.
Her smile, blonde hair and great eyes of blue,
I never felt love till she came into view.
I was flustered and blushed a bright shade of red hue.
We both have been friends ever since we were two.
I would fight for her love with my master kung fu.
I would travel cross mountains and caves and bamboo.
I would run I would sprint I would take a canoe
I would run I would sprint I would take a canoe
Woah, what was that, was that déjà vu?
I would clean myself up, repeat rinse and shampoo
I’d travel Australia, get her a kangaroo
I would cook her a dinner, a soup or a stew
Perhaps I’d get fancy, chicken cordon bleu.
When she walks down the street, heads will rotate askew.
If you make a mistake, forget it, we coo!
When you’re at the party, good times will ensue.
There is not but one girl who could ever outdo,
The amazing and wonderful Bethany Sue.
Wait just a minute, wait could it be true?
You changed your name from Bethany Sue?
Well what is it now, who am I talking to?
Bethany…Orange? Oh, okay uhm.
The most beautiful girl is named Bethany Orange…
Her personality was as glorious as a… groorarnngeeee- I think we should see other people Bethany.


  1. This was... brash, bold, and beautiful.

  2. Such an impressive string of -oo words. Of course I can't see what she was thinking with the name change, what with her new initials...

  3. Ummm this is absolutely adorable. I hope you share this with Bethany +followed!

  4. LOL. I like how you changed her last name to Orange since no other words rhyme with it, besides range or something like that. :/

  5. Is it really true that no word rhymes with orange? I heard that, but it was during a drinking game and the people playing it weren't really sober, haha.

  6. What did your Bethany think of this? +1 ♥