Saturday, September 10, 2011

Time for an update

No beating around the bush this time, I'm gonna tell you immediately what I enjoyed today. I enjoy having a working internet connection since two days ago. My routers been on the fritz and I've been trying my best to do anything to fix it. My solutions for fixing my internet connection was to google, how to fix a router. I quickly figured out the flaw in my plan only to come up with the same plan every thirty seconds.
          To update in the laziest way possible, I'll simply state what I enjoyed the past two days I missed now.
          Thursday, I enjoyed trying to live without the internet by entertaining myself in the best ways. For example, pushing both thumbs moderately hard over your closed eyes makes an awesome free light show. Did that for over an hour while listening to music. I completely lost myself. I recommend to anyone with an hour to kill in search of a "spiritual" experience. Press your thumbs to your eyes...or ya know, you could just take drugs instead. Either or.
         On Friday, I enjoyed not having to come up with a somewhat interesting blog post. Screw blogs and being judged on my thoughts. You don't know me blog reader! You're not my mom! There is a slim chance you are my mom! Okay, sorry mom, I'll get off the computer.


  1. It's so weird, because I'm pretty sure there was a time I used to live without internet, and I didn't have any trouble.

    And now when the internet goes down my computer feels so... useless, in a way...