Sunday, September 4, 2011

Enjoyed Thing of the Day

        If anyone ever says to you "hey, guess what!" It's more fun if you actually guess rather than just say "What?" I've found this to make life more interesting. If you say "guess what!" force the person to take a couple guesses. Nobody ever guesses and you'll never whether or not it's fun unless you try it out. Just a tip.
       On an unrelated note, I enjoyed something today. I was standing beside a group of older people around their mids 50s or 60s. I didn't think much of them at first until I began eavesdropping because I had nothing else of importance to do. They began talking about the slang terms they used when they were kids. I wound up looking up some of the ones I heard and remembered them saying, some I knew and others I didn't. Each time that one of them would bring a word or phrase up, the whole group would laugh and start talking about the good old days. Among the words I heard were:
Wango- cool, sweet.
Shaggin' Wagon- I pretty much guessed what this one meant when they all went "OHHOHOOOOOO" after shaggin' wagon was said.
Killer Diller- I always assumed this was from The Beatles' Polythene Pam. But I never thought people actually said killer diller.
Cheese Weasel- obnoxious, annoying
They all looked exactly like this man. Even the women.

I enjoyed their conversation so much. It made me want to bring back my own slang from the 90s but also from the 70s. I just want an excuse to say killer diller and I'll be set.


  1. It is fun to hear how the times have changed. This takes part in speaking, music, art and politics. I find it sad that a lot of this "old" style is lost.

  2. ha ha he does look like a douche

  3. that was funny :p thanks for the laugh!

  4. ahaha this post made me smile!;)