Thursday, September 1, 2011

I enjoy many things, I do.

Since I feel quite fickle about what I want my blog to be, I will combine the ideas I have.
-post something that has caused myself to smirk or something I appreciated. Simple joys in life each day.
-scary things I find.
-If someone wants me to write a song about something, I'll give it a shot.
-Things that are generally on my mind.

Okay blog. Lets do this.

Starting with the thing I enjoyed of the day.

           I was able to search what the interest "snowboarding" on yahoo and found multiple older women with email addresses who claimed they were interested in snowboarding. They all had screen names such as "coolmom457" "awesome.mountain.mama9042" I mainly enjoyed that because they had a series of numbers after their names, this meant that their are probably hundreds of people with the screen name of "coolmom", most of which likely embarrass their kids regularly.
All of the "Coolmom"s own this shirt despite being "Coolmom457"


  1. Guilty as charged.My profile reads " Proud mommy of twin boys"
    And when my kids received as preschool diploma my facebook status read "Yesterday I was just a mommy of twin boys, today I am a proud mommy of preschool diploma holders."

    Now, I need to clear all the evidence that points to my blog and facebook and everything.

    On second thought, all the tantrums and meltdowns cause embarassment to mommies like me alltime, this is the only way to take revenge. Tit for tat :)

  2. theres a cool mom sitting next to me in class

  3. My mom should be one of those moms! :S

  4. I kind of want to buy my mom that shirt...

  5. nice read, i want to give that top to my mom :D